Sunday, 29 May 2011

After spending some years avoiding doing a blog because nobody will read it, here I am setting up a blog instead of studying. The children are with their dad and I should be going to look at the bees today but the weather's miserable. I haven't been stung for a while and I'm out of the habit of going to bed with a packet of frozen peas draped over some portion of me.

I usually sets up a stall outside my house to sell honey but yesterday I had a knock at the door and 4 cyclists asked if I had any honey for sale having bought some from us a few weeks ago. I invited them in - I had sort of vaguely tidied up so it wasn't too embarrassing - and they bought 3 pots. Quite how they were going to get Kilner jars of honey strapped on to a bike I don't know but hey.

At least that knock at the door was better than the one in the morning when my wonderful neighbour came to tell me that the rabbits had escaped. I think they have worked out how to pull out the stick that props up the door flap at the end of the run (they're in a chicken ark) so it then falls down. Scarlet, the black lop, who seems to be getting rather chunky despite only eating the low quality grass in the garden, was having a face-off with Mary the pullet, who is small but feisty, over by the bird feeder. Willow had gone back in to the run luckily and Scarlet is too podgy to run far so disaster was averted. They did get out the other day and I had not only 2 wayward rabbits to deal with but also a hysterical 11 year old girl who thought her precious bun buns would be lost for ever. She was so relieved to get them back she cleaned their house out!!

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