Friday, 21 February 2014

Why I Love My Veg Box

I've been using Abel & Cole's organic veg box service for over a year now and they recently bought out a Meat Box - similar concept but with cuts/portions of high-welfare meat. I know some people have doubts or difficulties with the idea of having these kind of weekly deliveries, but I've got to say, I LOVE IT!

I love: that I don't have to think about what vegetables or meat to buy - the decision is made for me

I love: that it arrives simply boxed in minimal recycled, recyclable or returnable packaging

I love: that the food in my box is truly available - if there's a shortage or a glut then it's reflected in the produce in my delivery

I love: that I am not putting pressure on market forces and farmers by demanding food that is not in season

I love: that the produce changes according to variety - sometimes I get fewer large carrots, sometimes more smaller ones for instance, and that is how it should be with real vegetables

I love: that all the producers have the same environmental/animal husbandry ethics as myself

I love: that my children now eat any type of vegetable rather than just frozen peas and tinned sweetcorn

I love: that I now am more adventurous with my cooking

I love: that I know the provenance of all my fresh food

I love: that I use all the veg and meat every week as I prioritise it as the basis of our meals rather than relying on packets

I love: having a jug of soup in the fridge at all times for impromptu meals

Needless to say, the quality is always excellent, and personally I don't alter the contents in the box as I find I can use everything and prefer to look for inventive ways of eating/disguising something I wouldn't normally choose. It does take a bit of a change of mindset if you're used to going to a supermarket, but being offered what's truly in season or recommended means farmers and consumers have a greater link. There is also a buffer for the growers/producers as there are not the same constraints because items can be substituted if need be depending on conditions. I do really think it would relieve the pressure on our production systems if we celebrated the fact that people growing and supplying our fresh food know what's best!

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  1. Bravo! I do think that provenance is so important when trying to live a more "nature-friendly" life, however big or small your efforts. And you're quite right, it does encourage a bit more research on the part of the cook to find out how things are best prepared etc. It's all a great learning process!