Friday, 14 March 2014

Spring Is Definitely In The Air...

It was like switching on a light. My call ducks have been living in perfect fraternal harmony since I purchased two white drakes at the South of England Show last summer to keep my father-and-son pair company. But then, the warm weather kicked in a week or so ago and they have been awful! The larger white one (Puddle) picks on the smaller white one (Walter) because Walter keeps trying to attack John, one of the mallards, who in turn spends his time trying to attack me. Walter now has a Mohawk down his neck where the feathers either side have been chewed off and if I put them in the house together at night, even in the pitch black which is meant to be calming, all I can hear is thudding and banging like I'm tumble-drying rocks in the garden. Walter spent last night in a cat basket in the outside loo and I'm having to keep him in the run I use for the rabbits during the day. Oh dear.

I'm looking after some Bovans Brown chicks for my friend who will be taking them at the weekend, and they seem to be coping with the not entirely wholesome attentions from the cockerels, altho Simba had a bit of a shock when he put a morsel of tempting food by the run and the chicks all pecked his magnificent red comb through the wire, which I don't think was the reaction he was hoping for. They're very sweet though:

I put Hetty and Harriet in with Simba and his two hens, and Honey, the Rhode Island is being a complete cow to them and goes up in to the coop every so often just to terrorise them. Honestly!!

So, sigh, it's all rather hard work with the poultry at the moment, but the bees are behaving, and the plants aren't fighting, and actually the children are being remarkably pleasant.

Well some you win, some you lose.

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