Wednesday, 29 April 2015

A Birthday Treat

My birthday this year happily fell on the same day as the Antiques Fair at Ardingly. We'd visited there for the first time at the end of last year so I was interested to go again (when hopefully the weather wouldn't be quite so cold and dreary).

I had a few things in mind to keep an eye out for - a stoneware pot and wooden masher for making vegetable sauerkraut, maybe some bedlinen, possibly some cutlery; it's difficult to predict what's going to be there! Last time I saw a fantastic carousel horse....

It was quite busy:

This is just one of the halls
I did see a gorgeous toile de joie (is that how you spell it?) bedspread which now adorns my four-poster, and found myself an antique stoneware pot from France, as well as a masher with a lovely smooth handle from years of wear. A cheese knife, and an old chipped enamel dish for sempervivums too. The girls enjoyed themselves and spent their £20 wisely.

The cat approves of the new bedspread
I have also had the first crop of honey from the bees, and first crop of chicks too! (See for that update.) The weather has turned a bit cooler and we've had a welcome drop or two of rain which the allotment has definitely needed, but the garden is waking up now and soon the bees will be thinking about swarming! Busy times ahead :-)

Jars of raw honey

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