Sunday, 2 August 2015


Having home-educated the three children for many years, it's always a bit strange to have the concept of 'holidays' but now that Tristan is happily ensconced at college, and Amber due to start in September, the idea of a summer break becomes more relevant. We had our first family holiday for years this July: four days in London which meant everyone had something to do and I actually had a break from transporting and cooking and could wander round to my heart's content. Much as I love the peace and quiet of the countryside, and wouldn't choose to live anywhere else, I do love the scale and anonymity and contrast (not to mention Tate Modern, the British Museum, Covent Garden blah blah)so it was a fantastic thing to do and gave the children confidence with travelling by Tube and not getting flattened by buses.

Meanwhile, back at the farm (which was ably looked after by Animal Angels during our absence) everything is growing and getting bigger and stronger. The bees are now getting ready for autumn and making the most of the Himalayan balsam to fill their larders. The two Buff Sussex chicks have gone to live with my friend and have apparently settled in well although I'm not sure if Herbertson has started crowing yet and how well that will go down with her neighbours! The Welsummer chicks have moved in with the bigger hens and apart from some argy-bargy between the two young cockerels, all is well. Sadly I have ha a few losses on the poultry front, including my little Rhode Island Red bantam hen which was very sad, so there have been a few coop-swaps and a few new purchases, and a few new ones on the way! :-)

Herbert on 6 Buff Sussex bantam eggs
I have another hen sitting on another 6 BSB eggs and once hatched, these will all go to a lady who wanted hatching eggs but then both my hens went broody so I said I'd get her chicks instead...

My knitting has had to go on the back burner but I still enjoy a weekly meeting with Nicky as part of our Country Crafter's Guild. She has recently started spinning, dyeing and looming (find her at WarpsiDaisies on Facebook and Etsy) and has produced some lovely textiles:

Organic cotton tea towel

Time for tea and then a trip up to the allotment methinks! Have a good Sunday :-)

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