Sunday, 13 May 2012


I tackled knitting a jumper recently. It was designed by Kate Davies (I follow her blog, Needled) and the instructions were great so it all went swimmingly. Big yarn and needles too so surprisingly quick :-)

Here's a pic of the cabled owl detail:

My dad didn't realise they were owls and thought I'd just sewed decorative buttons on but we'll forgive him ;-)

I've had a busy weekend and last night went out with Kate (not Davies!) who gave me my birthday present - a packet of different coloured garden twines and a gorgeous handmade fabric pin-backed adornment (brooch sounds a bit frumpy). I have fixed it on to my smart brown coat and it's instantly more 'me'! So thanks Kate :-)

I'm feeling rather whacked now so I think I'll put the animals to bed and sit down with my knitting for a bit. The children are back and seem to have had an ok time apart from a minor Ribena-based crisis on Tristan's part, so hopefully it'll be a quiet night...

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