Saturday, 21 December 2013

Winter's Depths

It's the winter solstice today, and it's not as if we need a reminder that we are in the darkest, dreariest part of the year, but the weather is doing a great job of hammering it home. Rain is lashing against the panes of my rickety windows, and wind and wet are leaking under the back door, soaking the mud-sodden mat. Sigh. Thank goodness for Christmas to bring a bit of light and cheer.

I was lucky enough to be invited to a wreath-making workshop with my friend Nicky and a couple of her other friends, run by Rachel. It was a really pleasant way to spend a morning, with chat and copious cups of tea, mince pies, punctuated with removing poisonous foliage from the dog's jaws. The smell of moss and pine and orange and cinnamon was olfactory heaven so I can thoroughly recommend a wreath workshop rather than simply buying one. We also mooted the point that wreaths need not just be for Christmas and perhaps we should investigate spring, summer and harvest wreaths as possibilities too. Well, once the creative juices get flowing...

Due to the weather, I've hung the wreath over the fireplace rather than have it bashing around on the front door. It's so bloomin' cold in the house I'm not terribly worried about it drying out in the heat (ha!) and it means we get to appreciate it rather than just the postman:

I realise it is a bit lopsided but I'm really pleased with it :-)

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