Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Rain, Rain, Mud, Rain

Oh dear. More rain and squally winds to welcome in the New Year. The hens hate it, I hate it, the garden (which is on heavy clay at the bottom of a sloping field) hates it. The ducks think it's fantastic:

And the dog isn't bothered, coming as he does from gundog stock. I get absolutely filthy every time I go outside, which is rather a lot as I am feeding the hens little and often to prevent their pellets turning to porridge and to replenish the rabbits' and guineas' hay and give them some company. I mopped the kitchen floor for the first time in ages today and had to change the water 4 times - it's only an area of about 3 square metres!

Still, we had a lovely Christmas despite a lengthy powercut on Christmas Eve and I was the lucky recipient of some wonderful presents. Charles gave me a cute little box of 6 Conte pastels, which happened to be the perfect colours for my mallard calls:

But today he gave me my New Year's present (apparently there is such a thing):

Aren't they absolutely gorgeous? I could sit and look at them instead of out of the window, as the weather is so disgusting, and think about the spring and summer when I will be able to christen the yellows, reds, greens and blues, rather than just the browns, greys and black...

It's nearly half past 4 and dark outside so I'd better go and close up my poor poultry in their coops, then back inside for Christmas cake, tea, and some knitting.

Happy New Year!

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