Friday, 6 January 2012


I'm going well with the gumboot sock:

I must remember I will need to knit another one...

Having dropped the children at home-ed group this morning I popped to Furniture Now, who take donated furniture and mend/fix/store it and sell it on to the public, with discounts for unwaged people such as myself. I really needed something bookcase-y for my room, as well as a desk for Tristan and maybe a small table for the study so I can help the children with their studies rather than use the big table in the lounge for everything. I drew a blank on the desk and forgot my cheque book so couldn't get a table but I did find something for my room:

It fits well and has enough room for what I need it for. I've brought a chair up from the lounge so I can sit in my room [and escape] so I'll see if that helps.

When I got back from Shinies I had a parcel; my new iPad case from Melin Tregwynt! :-)

It's quite big so possibly more designed for a netbook but I love it and it's got a neoprene backing so it's both classy and protective. I'm trying not to look at the rest of the catalogue.

The weather's been great today, and I cleaned out all the hens while they had a run in the garden. The chicks are getting on ok with the older hens now and Henry can't pick on all 3 of them at once, so apart from the odd squawk, they all hang out fairly happily. Hopefully they'll be able to go in with them permanently soon as it will reduce the amount of bedding and cleaning out, plus it will keep the babies warm as they all tend to huddle in the nestbox at the moment.

It's the weekend! Yey! No plans - double yey!

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