Wednesday, 4 January 2012


It has been extremely wet and blowy recently, with local flooding and generally miserable conditions. I've never seen the hens looking so bedraggled, although the ducks of course loved my submerged lawn:

Oh dear, my garden does get a hammering. The crocuses are poking up through a puddle and I'm pleased I actually remembered to pop grit in with the bulbs when I planted them. Roll on spring.

The January sock challenge is going well and Nicky and I both seem to be at a similar point and even appear to have bodged a stitch in a similar place too! We met for a brief chat and catch up this morning while Tristan and Rose were at sports, but here is the welly warmer:

It looks like a proper sock, I'm really pleased! I'm carrying on with the other sock in the Sweet Pea yarn which is lovely, but I am pootling along with them as they are really easy to do in front of the tv so I'm keeping them for low-input knitting occasions. I am about to put the final flourish on to my second beehive egg cosy, as I made one for my dad for his birthday and they are really cute! I have made felt bees to go on the top so I will post a picture of that next time as I have only been able to appropriate my laptop for a short period between fights and on the promise that I will get tea for the children as soon as I have blogged....

Yuk, I have to go and shut the ducks in now, and slop around washing up their bowls and emptying their buckets in a gale. Oh and feed the poor rabbits and guineas who are rather bored to say the least, so I might get the girls to bring them in to the lounge for a bit!

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