Sunday, 12 June 2011


Today has been a bit of a, well....

The children are with their dad, due back at 5.30 JMT (Julian Meaningless Time) and after my Self Assessment Tax Return unachievement yesterday, I decided to do an online interactive CD-rom exercise for my Evolution course which involved measuring bulldog skulls - the section is all about inbreeding and how dogs have changed from wolves so it's not as bizarre as it may at first seem. However my mouse wouldn't work with the measurement pointy arrow things on two of the exercises so I've had to give up as I presume it's the disc. Honestly!  I seem to have the anti-Midas touch at the moment.

And it's cold. And damp. But I did clear up the dining room table to make room to spread out lots of newspaper and dry some rose petals and delphinium flowers. The rose petal jelly didn't really work - I'm not very good at getting things to set properly (story of my life!) but the lavender and camomile that I've got in a bowl and fiddle about with looks and smells lovely.

More Jude the Obscure

Purple Delphinium

Other flowers waiting to drop their petals: sweet peas, scabious, pinks and A Shropshire Lad
I've no idea what I'll do with them and I'm fully aware that they'll probably end up looking like a handful of Kettle Vegetable Chips tho rather less tasty/more poisonous but they are brightening up my table and I need all the brightening as I can get my hands on just at the moment.

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  1. What fab pictures. You're quite right - you MUST do something with those lovely petals. Check out this link: Could also maybe use some in soap - I've a recipe for Rose and Geranium soap which could use some petals mixed in ....?