Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Faith restored

Two people (previous customers) duly knocked on my door after reading the sign saying "If you would like to buy some honey rather than STEAL IT then please knock" that we had put on the stall. I explained that I had used all my jars and one lady said she'd bring me some and another said that she sold vegetables and they had had things stolen from their stall too...we did wonder what the black market value of a marrow was, and imagined hoodie-clad youfs trading bravado stories about the dozen eggs and 3 cucumbers they'd nicked.

Still, at least I have built up a good customer base and met all my neighbours into the bargain :-)

Meanwhile, the hens have not behaving; they had discovered a weak spot in the fence around the vegetable patch and I found them in there, dust-bathing amongst my terribly expensive Sarah Raven purple French beans so I have planted some more seeds in pots and decided to put the now rather leggy lettuce seedlings in there instead. These are also terribly expensive Sarah Raven organic cos Pinokkio so arriving back from work at the bee farm, we see Emily the Speckledy in the vegetable patch and the ground beneath her strewn with lettuce leaves.

So faith in human nature restored but faith in helfulness of poultry still lagging behind somewhat.

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