Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Misplaced camera

No pictures from me today as the girls borrowed my camera to do Morgana Show movies and we have yet to locate it again, which is a shame as I took a picture of my raspberries (all 8 of them) - my first harvest of soft fruit! The strawberry is plumping up nicely too; no doubt the chickens are waiting until it is at peak ripeness before hopping over the fence and treading on it.

Anyway I now have the ingredients to make soap, thanks to Nicky, but I need a thermometer and some distilled water so it will have to wait til I can make it although it does give me a few days to finish drying the rose petals that I'd like to put in the soap.

I was out by the car this afternoon looking for the dog's lead when a large white van stopped in the road. My heart sank as I presumed the driver was going to put my appalling lack of observation/sense of direction to the test and ask me where a particular house was but no! phew! he pointed down the road and said "Is that your pig?" so I said no, but I knew where it lived. So, being the neighbourly soul that I am, I grabbed a feed bucket and half a dozen apples out of the fruit bowl and yelled for the children to come and help me retrieve nextdoor's pig who lives in the field diagonally opposite. The pig was almost down to the bridlepath by the time we caught up with him but some judicious apple-throwing tempted him back up the road towards his pen and with some encouragement, more apple and an impromptu pig board we got him back to the field. I never thought my agricultural training would come in so handy :-)

This isn't him but he's similar

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