Sunday, 26 June 2011


Well it's been the hottest day of the year apparently and so of course I celebrated the hottest part of the hottest day in my beesuit. I had checked my bees yesterday as they swarmed while I was out so I took measures to prevent them swarming again...honestly I think they muster up a swarm just to embarrass me; there's probably lots of tittering in the hive as I check through and they all make sure they conceal a tiny queen cell so I miss it.

Anyway, as you may have gathered, my bees don't swarm like this:

Courtesy of

Oh no, mine prefer more of a challenge:

That's it - spread yourselves around...
Soooooo I put a sheet under the table and then gave the top a whack and popped them into a travel box:

so it wasn't that bad really.

I had a tutorial in Croyden yesterday and came home feeling I should achieve something so started tidying my bedroom, which brought on my housework allergy, meaning I ended up feeling rather poorly with a migraine so I couldn't go out :-( and instead of going for dinner or the cinema or something nice, Charles came round and kindly tidied up my kitchen for me while I felt grotty and rather sorry for myself on the sofa sipping chamomile tea. He's feeling tired and wiped out today so perhaps he's allergic too...

I have almost finished my assignment though as I can't seem to rouse myself to do anything terribly energetic so have spent the morning in bed surrounded by textbooks and bits of paper. It's a glorious day outside but quite hot so I'll wait til later before going into the garden. First thing this morning it was very misty but had the promise of a hot day (or was it because the Met Office have been banging on about it):
Gratuitous pic of cute bunbun

"Blueberries and Cream" lavender

I am feeling rather inspired by plants having watched the BBC4 programme Botany: A Blooming History which was extremely interesting, despite about 8 interruptions while iPlayer buffered, froze and inexplicably conked out. I'm studying genetics too so it all ties in.

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  1. It struck me whilst marvelling at your bee pictures that, unlike the first pic ("schoolies") your bees are clearly home-educated... Gareth Lewis and Ken Robinson would definitely approve!