Sunday, 5 June 2011

Saturday and sea urchins

It has been a bit blustery and autumnal don't you think? However, I did make elderflower cordial using a recipe dredged from memory, common sense and various internet suggestions. It was a beautiful afternoon and walking along the hedgerows with a colander is very good for the soul. Having collected lots of elderflower heads, I made a sugar syrup from 750g sugar and 1 litre water and then poured it over the elderflowers (shaken to remove dead flowers and insects) and the zest of two lemons, which I then sliced and popped in the bowl to steep too. It smells heavenly, and is currently draining through a muslin-lined sieve so I can then bottle it. It won't keep long but that's not a problem!

Rosie had two social events - a Brownies trip and her best friend's 8th birthday and Amber was out most of the day with Camilla doing er, something. Thank goodness for Facebook (never thought I'd say that) - at least I can vaguely keep track of her via Tristan's iPod though to be fair I usually only have to yell for her out of the back door, a bit like I do with the dog. Or listen for the bounce on the trampoline, the slam of the back door, and wait for a tousled and heart-stoppingly gorgeous girl to appear saying "Mum I'm starving" and then disappear out again.

The hens have now worked out how to breach the fences around the other veg patch but at least there are only broad beans and some flowering leeks in there. I am wondering whether to set up the stall with just plants on it - I had another 2 customers call in for honey yesterday. If anything, the fact I had some nicked has proven to be a conversation point and actually increased enquiries...ill wind and all that.

Rain due today so I have started the cinnamon buns ready for a day of indolence. I am still too British to actually look forward to rain but can't deny that we do rather need some.

Oh and whilst trawling online for someone else's birthday present I looked up Amy Cooper's website having seen her work in Devon. I WANT ONE!!


  1. You've pipped me to the post with the elderflower cordial! Well done you. I'm hoping to make some soon, but also some elderflower jam - there's a recipe for dandelion jam in my Amish cookbook which I'm going to adapt for elderflower.... what do you think? Also radish relish (say that three times in quick succession!). We DEFINITELY need to get together.... :)

  2. Yes that'd be great! I thought of our talks about wine-making the other day as the health food shop have all the stuff. We should up the stakes and say radish relish 3 times after a glass of home-brewed elderflower/dandelion/peapod wine.

    Is there not such a thing as elderflower jelly??