Friday, 3 June 2011

"Wear something warm..."

The children and I were taken to cricket yesterday evening to watch Sussex v Essex in the T20 tournament. It was gorgeous weather although slightly breezy so, knowing how it can get quite chilly, I donned thick socks, jeans, jumper etc. It was boiling in the car on the way to Hove but no matter, I would appreciate it at 10pm having sat in the shade for 3 hours. I had said to the children who we variously attired in tiny vests, skimpy shorts (the girls) and thin t-shirt (the boy) that they MUST wear something more substantial as it would be cold later. However, in the excitement of dashing out to purchase a new insulated picnic hamper from Waitrose at the last minute, I had omitted to check the layers worn by the children before we left.

The point of this is: the children were then cold. Whose fault is this??? Mine, for not banging it home to them with a large stick that IT WOULD BE COLD or theirs for not listening to admittedly, only the 4 times I mentioned it. Either way, I felt that horrible sort of failed maternal. But Sussex won, and once we got out of the wind and started walking back to the car the children were hot again...

The kids went horse-riding in the morning at my neighbour's house - the lady I gave the swarm to. The bees have settled in and the pony, Zoe, was very patient about bring led round the sand school 6 times. It brought back so many memories of when I was young and hanging out with our horses all summer.

Off to the bee farm later today. Hopefully the solar panels will have done their work and the pool will be a bit warmer than last time so the children can swim while I boil slowly in my bee suit and rubber gloves.

Anyway the blueberry muffins are ready and I must get on. I might make elderflower cordial later today too; it's such a fabulous time of year - I can't get enough of the light mornings and evenings :-)

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