Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Wakehurst Place

It was a nice day, I didn't have Ocado coming at lunchtime and there were only 2 days left on the National Trust card so Laura and I decided to grab such freedom with both hands and go to Wakey.

Heading for the Millenium Seed Bank
Having used the facilities and been awestruck by the MSB as usual (as usual for Laura and me anyway) we headed off to the Rock Walk, where I did not take a picture of the spectacular yew tree that clings to the sandstone like a lizard as it's rather dark but by all means Google it. The children had a wonderful time playing like children should while Laura and I discussed deep and difficult things in the glorious sunshine with a buzzard whirling overhead. Well, there are worse places to talk about such matters.

Tris took this pic as he loved the view

Having had lunch we trekked off to the viewpoint and sat and watched the children fearlessly cavorting up and down the rocks, wondering if mother mountain goats had similar heart-in-mouth moments

We then left Laura and her family to carry on and walked back through the Pinetum and managed to only spend about £6 in the gift shop, although I did then have to resist a much-needed cup of tea as it was almost the same price.

Back home and my lawn has been mowed so it's a bit easier to distinguish where the borders are now. The bunnies aren't impressed by the lack of lush pasture (well, dandelions and 10 inch tall grass seed heads) but Richard did manage to navigate his way around the small beehive in the centre of the garden. What with the livestock, venemous insects and warrens as well as balls, sticks and flowerpots it's more of an assault course than a lawn-mowing job and he did text me to say that he'd found the £20 I'd left him thanks and although he'd cut it, he'd not managed to achieve the Wimbledon look.

Anyway Charles has taken the swarm now so that's one less hazard...until they swarm again!

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  1. Lovely pics Jen. I love Wakehurst too, and got super-excited about going to the MSB (I think I've got a post about it somewhere way back!). Of course, my kids went round it in about 5 minutes ... sigh. Have to confess tho - I DID spend time in the lovely coffee shop there!