Thursday, 16 June 2011


I wanted to get out in the garden today as the forecast isn't good and I've lots of things to plant out - especially as Charles called in with some tomatoes for me on his way to the office.

So after some homeschooling with the girls and trying to get my head around Cretaceous carbon sinks I headed out before the rain.  Quick check on the bunnies:

The warren is coming along well

Tomatoes on the bottom, squashes on the top
(to stop greenhouse blowing away)
I've got 2 other vegetable patches which I must say have done very well - I have enjoyed a good crop of broad beans and leeks but I need room for the summer veg so it was out with the broad beans (leaving the roots in to provide some nitrogen to the soil) and in with peas, beans and my sunflowers, which I'm growing to hopefully provide some bird seed for the winter:

The peas are from Sarah Raven (I'm a sucker for her glossy brochure) and they really are rather beautiful - they're purple podded and seeing all the flowers, hopefully I will have some pods to photograh at some point!

So I think I achieved quite a bit in the garden.

As an aside, I took the dog out late this morning and we met a tiny lady walking along. Out of the undergrowth leapt an enormous Rottweiler who bounded heavily towards me and Scruff, barking deeply, teeth bared and hackles raised. The lady said "Oh don't mind her - Rotties are always a bit noisy when they're playing..." Playing?? What is it with people and their enormous dogs? However 'friendly' and 'playful' they may be, having a dog the size of a small ox thundering at you looking for all the world like it's going to consume both you and your spaniel in one mouthful is more than a little disconcerting and quite what this bird-like woman would have done had her darling Rottie decided to do just that, I really don't know. She did helpfully point out that my dog would be able to outrun her dog anyway...I'm not sure if I'd have been able to though!

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