Saturday, 11 June 2011

Ooids and voids

So it was up and out of the door early this morning for a geology tutorial in Crawley which was good. We spent quite a bit of time discussing carbonate rocks, of which one type is made up of ooids - tiny grains that roll around in a warm shallow sea and get coated with layers of calcium carbonate. They are very round and pale hence "ooid" meaning egg-like (presumably because there isn't a Latin or Greek stem for ping-pong ball) but having read about ooids quite a bit we then talked about fenestrae which are voids in the rock and I kept reading it as vo-ids.

On arriving home I decided to try and do my tax return (I know how to enjoy my afternoons without the kids eh) for which I needed to input my Digital Certificate and the iPad doesn't do the correct software so had to turn on laptop...which then froze, so turned on pc, faffed about installing some signature software, rebooted pc, tried installing it again, nope, didn't work, rang the helpline: "sorry, we can only deal with HMRC-software related queries and this sounds like something with your system"...but of course!! Couldn't POSSIBLY be anything the helpline could help with! - so tried again having rearranged all my Internet options, no, still not able to get into the system, rang them back and realised it was 16.03 and they shut at 4. I gave up.

Still, I'm off to see friend Kate this evening which will be a tonic :-)

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  1. Oh honey, it has not been a good week all in all, I've just read your diary entry on your honey thief :-( read my comment. It was lovely to see you as always and I simply loved your gorgeous unique little business cards...crafting....the way to nirvana?