Saturday, 18 June 2011

Eggs and a rainbow

The morning started with catching the cockerel so that I could brush surgical spirit on his legs - he's got Scaley Leg which is where mites get under his scales, poor chap. I told Rosie to make sure the photo was of Henry rather than of me - she certainly did a good job at protecting my identity:

Henry would be horrified to know this undignified photo
is in the public arena
I then had a cuddle with Ida. She's very soft and pretty.

The day was spent rather drearily, as yesterday. I did some studying and made a start on the maths for my assignment - trying to hold on to the threads of the calculations is like nailing jelly to a wall, I have to work so hard to keep track of what I'm doing and I get to the end with a number and read part (ii) of the question which involves the dreaded words 'interpret' and 'evaluate' and 'explain'.

I was about to let the hens out when my neighbour pointed out there was a fox behind my hedge. I called the dog and decided to go for a walk in the field - not deliberately after the fox of course as that is against the law ;-) but a stroll seemed like a very good idea. Scruff seemed happy to oblige and tore off through the wheat. The fox was long since gone but I think at least a doggy presence may put him off a bit.  When we got back in the garden Scruff was sniffing in the beech hedge and I discovered why Mary had spent so much time in there, which no doubt was also the reason for her demise:

14 eggs!!
Mary was tiny - how she managed to brood that many eggs I don't know, I can't think of anything more uncomfortable. I don't think they would have hatched as she was coming back to the run and in the coop every night but she was probably sitting on them when the fox was passing by.

I went back to check the new hens and found another egg:
They are laying then
We did check the rest of the hedge for Mary as she may have found somewhere else to make a nest but no sign.

I went to collect 2 beehives this evening and delivered them to their happy recipients and driving away from the farm there was the most perfect double rainbow.

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