Monday, 13 June 2011


I went to the bee farm where I work today and saw the lady who owns them which was really nice, as I haven't seen her since she had a rather harrowing experience but we had a hug and a cup of tea and lamented the way things happen sometimes. I pottered about and checked some hives and it was nice to be back, even though the bees were a bit flighty because of the weather.

All this rain has prompted my lawn (in the loosest sense of the word) to grow like the clappers so the bunnies have been put to work in the large run. They do have harnesses and I had hoped that we'd be able to train them so we, by which I mean the children, could lead them round the edges of the veg patches etc to act as carbon-neutral strimmers but alas, maybe there are rabbits out there who are sufficiently placid to walk to heel but ours are rather feisty. They also seem to be more keen on digging holes than getting on and earning their keep:

Bad bunnies
Neither knows what to make of the other...

One slightly sad thing is that one of my hens, Ida, seems to have been got by Mr Reynard. However, she was a big bully and was rather confused as to whether she was the dominant hen or a second cockerel. She didn't lay much and had a dodgy leg and was one of the original 4 hens I purchased, and as hens don't 'do' well as they age (especially hybrids who are bred to lay like anything in the first 2 years but then burn out) I sort of think if the fox gets them, it saves them having to deal with all the unpleasant issues of being a geriatric chicken. And me having to deal with the unpleasant vet's bills and decisions that go with owning a geriatric chicken. I won't replace her yet as I can't introduce one hen to the flock so I'll wait and see if anyone else falls off the perch (literally) and then get two. But it was a bit sad...she was very beautiful :-(

In contrast to this sad event, my aloe plants have had lots of babies:

I would say something about the circle of life but I'll leave the poetry to my rather amazingly talented brother :-)

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  1. Yes Kate I have reserved a couple of aloes for you! :-)