Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Yesterday morning I had coffee with Nicky whilst the children were at their Latin lesson. We were talking about chickens as she'd love some so I might be able to 'livery' a couple for her!

I need to get the bunnies neutered. Sigh, I got 2 girls as they're less likely to fight but of course they are now nesting and both are rather overrun with hormones with inevitable embarrassing consequences.  The idea of baby bunnies is almost too adorable to even think about but they are definitely both girls so it's not an option even if it was an option, which is isn't.

Willow on the left, Scarlet on the right. 

They are lovely and the fact that they require hay and stuff and keep the grass down means it's a bit like having tiny horses - the smell of a new bag of shavings still transports me back to my childhood, only minus the bruises.  [From falling off my pony all the time, not being beaten up by my parents!]  They are living in the smaller chicken ark which they seem to enjoy though I am moving it every day as the grass is so pathetic. They do also excavate holes in the corners in a bid for freedom as I have foiled their attempts to get the door flaps down.

I also need to get the dog some improved flea treatment - I've been using Frontline spot on but it's not doing the trick and I think he's developed Flea Allergy Dermatitis. Having looked online I did see about all the various things you have to do, from fumigating the carpets, skirting boards, bedding etc etc to regular hoovering to believing claims made by flea treatment manufacturers. Getting rid of the dog or moving house seem to be the easiest options.

I went to work at the bee farm for an hour and left the children with strict instructions to tidy their rooms and came back to find Amber building a house out of a cardboard box for one of her tiny toys. Complete with garden shed and Springwatch on the television set. Extremely well executed and all that but created more mess - I actually couldn't cross the landing.

I ought to try and achieve something today...


  1. Don't get rid of the dog - get rid of the children!!! ha ha!

  2. Ooh that is a much better idea :-)