Thursday, 25 August 2011

Broody coops and crochet

I spent most of yesterday at Simon and Joss' building a broody coop for Mary which took rather longer than expected! I was going to post a picture but I still need to staple on the wire so I'll post a pic when it's done. Nicky came over in the evening for a meeting of the CCG which went very well - I made a waxcap mushroom, Nicky a Common Blue butterfly:

Rosie has been pestering asking me to make her a rose so I did:

And we discussed children, crafts and homeschooling over tea, cake and hooks/needles.

This morning Joss was coming over to deliver the broody coop (it wouldn't fit in my boot even with all the seats down which in any case would have been slightly dubious from a passenger safety point of view since I had the kids with me) so I was about to walk the dog quickly before she arrived when I was met by the hedge trimmer guys. Whilst discussing which bits of hedge to do and telling them to part the detritus and adopt a policy of 'if it doesn't get out of the way, you can step on it', I noticed Henry, head lowered, wings out, doing his testosterone-fuelled dominance pose as Scarlet who was grazing quietly under the apple trees, completely disregarding the cockerel's threats.

"Ah!" I said to the hedge trimmer guys, "She shouldn't be there - could you keep an eye on her while I get my daughter? Oh, and look out for another one please....the grey and white one" so having yelled for Amber we finally managed to steer Scarlet back into the run and I extracted Willow from the lupins where she had evidently been burrowing, looking at the mud all over my shirt. The bunnies loved the beech branches and the guys kindly left a bundle of clippings for them when they left. I had pointed out they could have a carbon-neutral shredding service if they had thousands of rabbits in their trailer. Yes I do say these things out loud sometimes :-/

Joss arrived with the coop and we discussed homeschool and drank tea (do you see a theme?) and as she left, Kate arrived. Kate and I drank tea and discussed crochet and had a go at a granny square whilst trying to decipher what a bobble stitch entailed. Then Kate left and Charles arrived, and we had shepherd's pie and watched 2 episodes of Bang Goes The Theory on iPlayer.

What a lovely day! With the bonus that I can now see the field out of my kitchen window:

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