Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Quick post

Been a bit busy - went and did Simon and Joss' bees and we discussed henhouse construction as well as homeschooling and bees; 3 of my favourite subjects! :-) I've decanted the apple wine into a demi-john and it's blooping and burbling away but the peapod looks decidedly flat.

I'm currently 3 wings of the way through a crocheted dragonfly so hopefully will be able to post a pic of that tomorrow. I also crocheted a thin hairband which I am pleased with and did about 8 more granny squares whilst listening to my Yale University lectures on Ecology and Evolution. It's completely fascinating and luckily I can do granny squares in my sleep so I actually get to listen to what the lecturer's saying. Sorry no pics, I'll do some next time - promise!

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