Monday, 22 August 2011

Baking and Bickering

I decided to have a go at some baking-in-advance with the children this afternoon. T wanted to make flapjacks and the girls anything which involved cracking eggs, so I got to work after lunch. It's amazing how such a potentially enjoyable activity is soon fraught with competitiveness as to who has done the most spoonfuls/measuring/pouring/stirring/egg-cracking but anyway, we now have jars of ready-weighed cake mixture and a huge log of biscuit dough in the freezer, ready to be sliced and baked as needed. Tristan made the flapjacks all by himself apart from doing the syrup, butter and sugar mixture and greasing the tin. So er, he weighed out the oats but was happy to ration his sisters' portions on the basis that the flapjacks were 'his'.


Anyway here are some pictures as you can't see the resentful faces and hear the bickering:

See, all harmonious...

...a vision of calm, quiet, co-operation and sharing...

Oh he did open the tin of syrup too

I also dug over a border while the children were out with my parents this morning, and finished crocheting another acorn leaf.

I sewed some beads on to my dragonflies but they were a bit small so the blue one now looks a bit strange...hmm. I had popped in to town this morning too and managed to procure some corks for wine bottles, some luggage labels for my wine bottles (more rustic than stickers; I don't mean that my peapod is off travelling) and various 'back to skool' stuff that's all on offer at the moment.

Hopefully tomorrow I will be off to Simon and Joss' to make a broody coop! Weather permitting...

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