Sunday, 14 August 2011

Sunny Sunday

I wrote a list this I usually hate To Do lists as they sit there accusingly reminding me of all the boring things I should do, but I've been feeling so drifty and unachieving recently I thought I'd better do one just so I didn't womble my way through another day.

So! I did hoover my bedroom and the landing, and I did make cinnamon buns, and I did move the chicken run. I also did my bees who are loving the Himalayan balsam that lines the banks of the Cuckmere river although because they all end up with a 'brand' of pollen on their thoraxes it's a bit tricky to spot a white-marked queen. But they are all well although one colony is queenless so I popped the little colony on top to unite them. The other one is doing brilliantly too despite having to hack my way through the undergrowth to get to them:

I decided to set up the stall as Sundays means walkers and cyclists and we sold a box of eggs, a yellow squash and two pots of honey :-)

I've been feeling rather disillusioned with my studies recently, probably because I'm not very good at geology which I want to be really good at but you need to be concise and non-waffly and good at linking together all the different elements which I am rubbish at (it's my blog - I can say what I like about myself!) so I got all my resources together and immersed myself in them; literally in fact as I put them all on my bed and sat in the middle. I also reminded myself as to why I'm doing it and it's so I can understand a bit more what's going on with the planet and actually, I do. Phew. So I did a chapter of each module and fell in love with it again.

Look at John! - he's growing up! He's losing his brown downy feathers on his head and will soon be all glossy black and he's also getting those little curly feathers at the top of his tail:

Very exciting, he's going to be soooo handsome.

Amber has been grinding corn today to make flour. Unfortunately, despite having home-educated for some years, I didn't seem to have a quern stone in the house so we improvised with the coffee grinder:

Continuing with the home-made theme, the apple wine is fermenting away like crazy - lift off the towel and a great waft of appley-yeasty aromas come up, probably just as well I have no idea how alcoholic it is!

So apart from some tinkering in the garden,

I'm in love with these flowers!
it has been a relaxing day and the last item on my To Do list, namely to crochet a green chain for my garland, will be done during all the lovely Sunday evening programs like Antiques Roadshow and Countryfile which always remind me that it's the start of another week and I don't have to worry about a thing.

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