Wednesday, 10 August 2011


Walking the dog up through the cornfield this morning I thought to myself: they ought to get this in today. Lo and behold -

an hour later the combine negotiated the turn into the road and I had a momentary panic at the thought of bikes strewn across the entrance and chickens frantically trying to get out of the way but luckily it was too late for the chickens and too early for the bikes. I love harvest and the sight of a combine grinding up and down the field is fantastic. Plus it explains why my house is so dusty:

Gotta be a year's worth of dust just offloading that lot
The girls discovered that when the tractor took the above trailer away it slopped wheat all over the road which they helpfully picked up and put in the bag marked 'Poultry Corn' in the boot room. This of course was not looting, but as my father pointed out, the very biblical activity of 'gleaning'. We've got half a sack :-) although Amber decided she wanted to grind some to make bread (bloomin' home education giving them ideas!!) so washed a load in the kitchen which then needed drying...on our nice white bath towels, obviously.

How many loaves??
I have been trying to do some studying as I've got one more assignment before my exams and I've just had my previous one back; my tutor is brilliant and I really really appreciate her input but she isn't afraid to put the criticism into constructive criticism and I do wish she wouldn't use the word 'irrelevant' quite so much when marking my scripts :-(

I shut the hens in and let Mary out for her leg stretch, poor thing she is so hormonal and spiky:

Can't say I've never felt similar...
and then I sat down to crochet a Camberwell Beauty butterfly from my new book, an activity which had eluded me last night during our Country Crafters Guild meeting. Working out left from right isn't my strong point, nor are right and wrong sides so let's be honest it was never going to be easy to make something where you need a left wing starting on the wrong side which then makes the diagramatic instructions all back to front. Anyway here it is:

I have managed to crochet the lower left wing wrong side up but I went with the majority and luckily it doesn't really notice. I want to make some more (!) and put them into display frames.

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  1. You nailed it! Well done - you get the CCG award of the week for figuring out the pattern instructions!