Friday, 12 August 2011


I haven't posted as I have been rather busy sorting out my leftover marital debt disasters and various other personal issues which has left me soooooooooooo completely wrung out I've hardly been able to pick up a hook let alone look after my children or write the blog.

Anyway hopefully it's all sorted out now. Meanwhile back to some crochet and more enjoyable pursuits!

I want to make a seasonal garland and it being the latter part of the summer, thoughts turn to autumn. I made another mushroom but it's still not looking like the picture but maybe I need a bigger hook for the small mushroom as it wasn't very squishy and pliable. I'd bought some new wool at the charity shop in some autumnal colours and some brighter red too for my hot garden blanket. I made an oak leaf too:

I still want to carry on making some veg as I think a summer garland with vegetables and flowers and butterflies would be lovely. My Red Krim squash plants have all done well and I've now got a colourful selection although they were red in the catalogue (the name's a bit of a giveaway too)...hmm...

I was looking for a wine recipe today as I have apples on my trees and blackberries in the hedge but I got fed up as since searching yesterday for info on Julian's financial mess every Google strapline ad was YOU TOO CAN BE DEBT FREE!! and WRITE OFF 70% OF YOUR DEBT WITH AN IVA!!! }:-( so I gave up. I could wait for the damsons but my peapod's going brilliantly since I bunged some more sugar in on Simon's advice and only half a demijohn of homebrew seems a bit, well, feeble.

I must check my bees soon as they've been really busy. Mary is still sitting on her eggs and didn't seem to object too much to me replacing the shavings with more aesthetically-pleasing straw that I nicked off the field. Henry keeps taking the hens out in to the field as of course there are loads of spilt grains and stray ears of wheat that the combine missed and he can't cluck fast or enthusiastically enough.

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