Monday, 15 August 2011

Biology and bees

Monday is green bin day so remembered I hadn't cleaned the ducks out for ages. They prefer deep litter anyway but it was looking a bit manky and there were lots of earwigs so I sent Maud in:

To give the grass the best chance to survive I have to limit when the ducks have their tin tub but I invested in a new bucket so they have his 'n' hers en suites on non-bath days

I finished the garland-y thing of flowers so after much swearing and dropping of pins I managed to affix it on top of the tiles round the fireplace, although it looks a bit like it's floating on the wall in this picture:

I am quite pleased with it :-)

Amber finally finished grinding corn and here is the first batch of rolls from the Fell Off The Back Of A Tractor Bakery with freshly coffee-ground flour:

They taste like they're made of sand though so they'll be going to the hens.

I went to the farm today to look at the bees and Ann was about to go out on her new horse Henry, and she was hopefully collecting another new horse later today called Flossie. I'm so happy for her. I got stung on the thumb though so it's now all itchy and swollen, which matches my toe which got stung last night when I trod on a bee while nipping out in bare feet to check the hens were shut in.

This afternoon I listened to Yale University lectures about evolutionary biology whilst crocheting granny squares for my blanket - I've quite a few now:

A chapter of The Great Ice Age now before bed.

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  1. Oh you are soooo clever! your garland is beautiful...I can't wait for my lessons to begin, I can even bring some wool! Do I get to be an honorary member of the CCG?!!