Sunday, 7 August 2011

Last day

I'm still feeling a bit in limbo due to all this time to do what I want but the children are back at 5pm JMT so I've got my usual Sunday morning need-to-make-the-most-of-it feeling so that's good! Yesterday I carded some more fleece and washed the wool I'd done and I now have some thick dreadlock-weight wool with which to knit a, um, er, well perhaps a dog rug or something. It is from a Jacob sheep though so I have to remind myself that's it's not going to be very refined even if it didn't have me at the helm...they make carpet out of it for a reason.

I also finished uncovering my overgrown steps and making a virtue out of a necessity with a missing slab by refilling the space with thyme and gravel:

Of course it now has chicken wire over it but it looks pretty good.  Talking of hens, I think Mary might be going broody. She was standing by the duck pen glowering at John and Jean with her head down, shoulders forward and all her feathers on end looking like an angry porcupine. She's been making strange distracted clucky noises too a bit like Maud (although hers is because she's in constant fear and dread of Henry appearing from behind a hedge) so hmm...perhaps. It's been a while since I've had a broody hen so I might sit her on a couple of eggs if she does.

I now have a spare rabbit hutch which I'm sure my parents would never have brought over if they'd known I was going to use it for evil purposes like raising chicks :-) I did put the bunnies in it today though as I need to give the house bit of their ark a good scrub with Poultry Cleanse as it really pongs.

I've managed to affix the run and with some judiciously placed bits of wood and bricks I'm hoping they won't get out. Unfortunately though it does mean you can't see the beautiful hutch with its painted doors but it is a work of art thanks to Mum, and Dad redid the roof. I'm hoping to get round to painting the duck run in the same forget-me-not blue.

Maud with an appropriately-named bottle.
I suppose I ought to go and empty the dishwasher and do some studying or a bit of crochet while I can as not sure how this evening's going to go. It's always a bit tricky when the children come home as they all want all of me NOW and I think that might go double as they've been gone for a week. Any ideas for how to split myself into 6 would be gratefully received.


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