Thursday, 18 August 2011


As previously mentioned, I have been listening to Ecology lectures from Yale University and it's amazing how the organisms of the world fit together and the dynamics and perceptions we have as humans about what is going on in the natural world. It is quite challenging at times to not take an anthropocentric view whilst accepting the impact Homo has had on the planet. I was signposted to a blog in America where they regard our [introduced] house sparrows and starlings as pests to be destroyed as they are alien species, in the same way we regard the North American grey squirrel. Yet we are trying to protect our sparrows and starlings as numbers have dropped dramatically - given the communication and ease of movement around the globe it seems strange really that we regard a species in one part of the world as endangered and the exact same species as a pest in others.

Anyway, enough of my theorising. Henry has shed his long pointy tail feathers so looks a bit silly:

I moved the duck pen today and remembered too late that any bare earth soon becomes exploited as a mudbath for their little dabbly bills and there was a half inch layer of mud at the bottom of each of their tubs and their food bowl too.

Hmm, I might have to come up with a Plan in the winter. I also bottled my peapod wine as it wasn't doing anything in the demi-john so we'll see how it turns out! It's still bright purple which can only be a good thing. I took a picture of my 2011 harvest thus far:

I haven't got the jars of Courgette Glutney out but that's delicious. I might make some chutney out of the squashes too but they do look lovely on the stall.

Meanwhile I have been crocheting away and finished my second dragonfly, except I need some little beads for their eyes. But you get the idea:

I don't know which one I prefer...

Rosie has gone to her Dad's tonight until Sunday and I was going to go to Harry Potter with the older two, along with Charles and my Dad. Amber asked this morning if we were still going today and I explained that we'd go next week as Charles was in court all day today. Cue shocked faces and 'Court?!' said Amber. 'Has he been arrested??' said Rose. Sorry, no...perhaps I need to explain to them about what a solicitor does.

We had a meeting of the CCG this evening which was most enjoyable, as ever. We are going to have a go at glycerine soap, go on a foraging walk to collect elderberries and continue on with the crochet journey. Oh and we talked about home ed and how it requires a balance between freedom and structure in the face of no basic framework in this country on which to build a homeschool curriculum but hopefully with the aid of some mutual support and decent stationery we'll find a way through!

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