Wednesday, 3 August 2011

A day off

I'd set the moth trap up again last night in a different part of the garden:

Unfortunately the bulb popped during the night, possibly due to a few spots of rain...or the neighbours throwing stones at it - it is rather bright! Still, we had another good result, though I can't rule out that some of the moths may have been experiencing déjà vu but we did have a few different ones. I shut the chickens in before removing the blanket this time. A particular favourite of mine was in there - the Oak Eggar:

She's quite big and looks a bit like a lion, it was brilliant :-)

We'd thought about going to Nymans but it was really hot and a bit of a drive and Charles had stayed late at the office last night so we decided to pootle along to Middle Farm and have lunch at a pub called the Ash Tree that Charles knew. I said I thought it was called the Oak Tree but we took a wrong turn and ended up at the Plough instead. On the way back we found the right pub: the Yew Tree...just up the road from the Old Oak. Hmm, neither of us were on top form!

Having been to Middle Farm, we came back here for a cup of tea and put the tin bath in for the ducks. Setting our deckchairs a discreet distance away from all the splashing and somersaulting, we had copious amounts of tea and Charles enjoyed some peace and quiet as I was counting stitches in my attempt to crochet a radish, so I couldn't talk. I attached the 3 leaves and showed Charles who said it looked like a pink mouse that had escaped from the lab during an experiment to grow an extra ear.

Treating that remark with the comtempt that it deserved I placed my Viola, Fuschia and Radish proudly on the grass (I found a bit without any duck poo) and took a photo:

Laboratory mouse indeed...

Meanwhile the ducks had finished getting all the water out of their bath and John had found a ridiculous place to go to sleep:

Fresh from my radish achievement, I decided to have a go at a peapod:

Well I think it looks like a peapod anyway!

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  1. Gosh, you are doing soooo well with your flowers/veggies! They all look great, ESPECIALLY the radish!