Tuesday, 9 August 2011


The children returned and actually they were and have continued to be completely fine. It is nice to have them back and I can now categorically say that it is definitely not me that is the messy one :-)

The chickens are being a delight:

Peggy helps herself to my carefully nurtured and very expensive Sarah Raven salad leaves
Mary did end up going broody so I popped her in the rabbit hutch in the shed on 4 eggs and yes I have already found them homes if they're all cockerels.

Maud is happy to have her Chief Protector back again:

And the bunnies don't seem any the worse for a lack of cuddles during the children's week away:

I do have rather a surfeit of eggs and squash at the moment so Rosie kindly set up the stall, although it wasn't up for long as it was a typical British summer day where one minute it was baking hot and the next the rain was coming down like stair rods.

Rose has also been helping me card the wool for spinning:

Yesterday evening we went to the T20 match at Hove which was a great 1st half but Sussex rather wimped out when they were batting and ended up losing  - always such a shame on home ground.

I must go and walk the dog as Scrufter is back with us now after his week off at Grannie and Grandpa's.

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