Saturday, 27 August 2011

More construction

I've been having to keep the chickens shut in for the last couple of days, as since reading in my newly-purchased Haynes Chicken Manual that a) pullets should not be mated under a year old and b) being in a permanent moult is a sign of protein deficiency, I have kept Maud and Ida seperate from Henry and the older ones in so that they jolly well eat their layer's pellets instead of birdseed and corn. I put the wire on the broody coop:

so I now just need to affix some string to the flap to keep it shut - it wouldn't be a construction of mine if it didn't have a bit of string somewhere. Can't find anywhere to incorporate a bungee but I'm sure the time will come. Anyway, I've decided to allocate the piece of garden behind my house for the chickens:

I even remembered to measure the run so I could get it in to the enclosure before I'd banged the last post in. Well, when I'd only banged it in a little way to be honest but I still remembered. I didn't remember that I'd used all the staples on the broody coop though, or at least not in time to remember to get any from Scats. Hence the hiatus in chicken run building but it won't take long hopefully once Charles arrives with his pack of staples. The chickens will miss their freedom a bit:

But I will let them out for an hour or so when I'm around to supervise.

Amber seems to have taught herself to crochet...I didn't get a picture of her with hook in hand as she's disappeared next door but here is her first attempt (it's going to be an acorn)

I'm thrilled, especially as she took a hook and a ball of wool on the trip to Scats :-) girl after my own heart. I also decided to store some apples - I think you're meant to use sawdust but surely shavings will do?

I am now tackling question 2 of my final assignment for Geology which is slow progress, but progress nonetheless. Not much hooky-wise to show you at the moment although I have a bit of a project for Camilla's birthday present, and have been carrying on with the granny squares - I've got about 35 now!

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