Wednesday, 13 July 2011

My family and other animals

Amber woke up and went to collect her bunny for a cuddle:

Then Maud came in to the kitchen for her breakfast:

and then everyone else emerged so the day had begun. The lead training with Willow the bunny continues - she is almost walking to heel:

I was having Laura's children today as L desperately needed to get on with revising for an exam so when she arrived we sat and had coffee and watched the ducks for really quite a long time.

My book from Amazon arrived, all about geological field techniques which is very good if slightly frightening. I now have my timetable for my Summer School in Durham so that's exciting although we are having breakfast at 7am apparently which will be a shock to my system. I am wondering whether I really need to invest in proper Craghopper-type trews as we are advised not to wear jeans. You never know, I may even need shorts!! I am hoping, at least, that it won't snow as it did on my last field trip. I am flitting between really looking forward to it as it's about the one time I really feel I can switch off and not be responsible for anyone or anything apart from myself but there is also the panic that goes with leaving the responsibility for everyone and everything to other people. Not that I'm a control freak or anything :-)

I'm going to do a science session in a bit with my set of magnetic chromosomes (from the OU; my DNA doesn't stick to the fridge) and then this evening Nicky is coming round to hopefully furnish me with some new knitting and crocheting supplies so that I can tackle all the projects I've got my eye on. Henry is moulting I think as I keep finding the most amazing black and orange feathers around the garden. Surely there's some Navaho crochet thing I could incorporate them into...

I've just noticed all the juicy blackberries on the brambles outside/across my lounge window!

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