Wednesday, 6 July 2011

A Birthday

I took the children over to Laura's this morning and caught up with the news over coffee - I had been given some coffee by Simon and Joss as a thank you for checking their bees so we enjoyed some 'Suave' coffee which was the mild one...the alternative being 'Fuerte' or intense but we decided we already had enough intensity and didn't need the caffeine variety too.

Back home and Charles came over for lunch which was really nice as it was his birthday. He was thrilled to bits with his presents although it was difficult for me to give them to him as I had taken the maxim of "buy gifts you'd like to receive yourself" rather far. I did make him promise to give the fossil trilobite back to me if he ever got bored of it but he said he wouldn't :-(

We then went to Scats to buy, amongst other things, a crowbar so I could break up my pallets:

Et voila
I have been trying to work out how to make a better run for the ducks and pallets bits are always a good place to start. Ooh, talking of ducks:


We also went to the reclamation yard as everyone (ie Kirsty Allsopp) raves about them and we wondered what on earth people do with rusty guttering, gargoyles and peeling windows but hey, it was certainly an experience.

So then it was time to get the children as they "wanted to see Charles" which, roughly translated, meant have a slice of birthday cake

5 slices gone
and now, after all the excitement I'm feeling pleasantly tired so I think it's early bed with a podcast and some knitting, although I do need to quickly write 300 words on Cretaceous polar forests or I shall get behind with my watching seems to be taking up an extraordinary amount of time. I did, however, find a Call duck website which gave all the genetics of the different colourways which was rather fascinating and constitutes work in my book. So what with that and looking up all about Metacanthiana trilobites on Wikipedia I'd say I've been rather productive on the work front. You can tell I home-educate! ;-)

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