Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Non crochet day

I spent an awfully long time fiddling about with my MOO sticker designs this morning as I am making labels for my honey and eggs from my pictures but choosing and locating them amongst my files, most of which are named 'Stuff', is not the easiest.

Thought I'd better gives the old thumbs a rest from crocheting but I did do a bit more of the coat hanger cover. I need to borrow some needles from Nicky to make a cafetiere (sp?) cosy so that could be another project once I've got some more wool.

This afternoon, Kris came over to collect some honey - I did offer him eggs as well but he felt that might get a bit messy, so I asked him where his sense of adventure was and he said taking eggs and honey in a rucksack while on a motorbike was not his idea of adventure. He's just come back from 18 months spent cycling to China and back so I guess he'd know. He has been punctuating his studying with watching YouTube clips of people falling off bikes which we agreed probably didn't help his confidence levels. That's why I watch my ducks when I need to procrastinate.

Rosie has just given me a detailed account of her Brownies swimming trip which has not specially helped my headache so I'm going to sign off now. Sorry for the lack of pics but I'm on an Apple device and blogspot have a Flash uploader so no can do. More next time, promise!

Night night!

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