Sunday, 31 July 2011

Woolly bees

Last night's meeting of the Country Crafters Guild went swimmingly well and I crocheted a bumble bee! Here he is:

I have had to do more hen management today as yesterday I found 6 eggs under the hedge and Peggy emerged clucking excitedly later in the day from behind the shed and again, I found a warm egg tucked in to the leaves. Seems like it's not just the bees who like to mix things up a bit! I left them shut in (apart from Maud who's too stressed to lay at the moment anyway) and then released them from the confines of their house once they'd laid in the nest boxes.

I was very pleased with my bumble bee so I made another one and gave it to Charles as a desk mascot - he was very impressed. No really, he was.

Other than that I've spent the day pootling about and crocheting some bits and listening to the Test Match or watching Earth Story. Charles bought me some cherries which I love but they are sooooo expensive so that was a nice treat.

I'm still feeling pretty whacked and in need of rejuvenating but hopefully a bit more time off and relaxation will help and by the end of the week I might feel sufficiently energetic to hoover the lounge!

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