Thursday, 21 July 2011

Flowers everywhere

I had to take my car to the garage at silly o'clock this morning as someone had smashed my wing mirror while I was parked in the road at Sports Day so I am now the best part of £200 worse off, thanks very much. Bet it was a taxi driver }:-(

Anyway I spray painted the cover myself which saved me about £30 although it does very much look like I spray painted it myself, hmm. I sat and crocheted some flowers while it was being fixed so I've got 4 now:

I only need about 50 more to make a garland. Still they are fun to do and it's all good practice.

I returned home, checked email and discovered I got 89% for my assignment! I am thrilled! Just waiting to hear what John P got, as by past performance, he should have got about 112% which I don't even think he could do (love ya John). I was feeling so pleased, I shut down the Excel spreadsheet I need to wrestle with for the next assessment and went and brewed some coffee.

Wandering round the garden, I saw that the big green plant as referred to in a previous blog has decided to flower:

It's quite pretty but I'm not keen on white so possibly not worth the wait! I'm thinking it must have been the result of that time Charles was left unattended at the garden centre during the '4 perennials for £10' season. I am pleased with other bits of the garden tho:

Pink echinacea and pink hollyhocks

Chocolate scabious, penstemon 'Blackbird', dahlia and borage
And I picked this unconventional combination to have on the lounge windowsill:

Right, back to a bit of crochet and a spot of Evolution textbook, followed by some Great Ice Age, all helped along with a large glass of rather lovely Merlot :-)

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