Sunday, 17 July 2011

July in England

The ducks once again were about the only ones happy with the rain, closely followed by the Scrufter who frankly doesn't care as long as he gets taken for at least 2 walks a day of no less than 11 miles each.

Tristan had some footie thing that required us to be out of the house by 8.20 this morning so it was a perfect opportunity to wheel out the "it would be like this every day if you went to lucky are you???" whilst thinking to myself how on earth do people get up at this hour and get their kids to school every day???

So, that being over, my project is pretty much done and I am up to speed with the Great Ice Age, thoughts turned to the state of the lounge. All this craft stuff makes me want to make lovely things for the house so in a spirit of orderliness, I got to work dusting and wiping and hoovering. I had done about 1/10th of it when Charles arrived and he was deeply impressed and probably rather shocked at my frame of mind but nobly offered to help. We moved the chairs and the tv and I cleared the windowsill, so instead of dust and paperclips and hairbands I now have this!

We had done about half the room when we went for lunch and despite my best intentions to continue in same vein when we got back, after a roast dinner and Harveys Best bitter courtesy of the Merrie Harriers, a snooze was called for. Anyway I did do a bit more tidying in the office as I'm getting rid of my enormous printer as I hardly ever print. It's run out of ink and it will cost me about £70 to refuel it so I'm giving it back to my ex-husband. All heart, me.

I have finished Mr Buff-Orpington's torso, and whipped up a few tail feathers during Tonight's the Night yesterday evening but I need to do his feet again.

I staked my hollyhock and I'm hoping the sunflowers will cope with the weather as I'm wanting to save the seed to feed the birds. I am quite interested in not only trying to grow my own veg and flowers but also plants to feed the rabbits and chickens and ducks. Although I think if I devote a border to dandelions and goosegrass, people may well think I've gone completely bonkers.

Ooh talking of ducks:

I must confess that much as I absolutely adore my little ducks, I just don't get the 'dozing off in a tub of cold dirty water' thing. Hmm...

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