Sunday, 3 July 2011

Smallholders show

Another lovely day. I baked cinnamon buns for breakfast and we got ready to go to Ardingly. I was feeling a bit intrepid as I went years ago but have not been for some time, and a lot of these things can end up appealing more to the hoi polloi (aka chavs) and I was a bit worried that it would be rather a poor relation of the SOES. The older two were being teeneager-ish and didn't want to come as of course there was Glee and Hollyoaks omnibus on T4 so fine, 2 less mouths to feed!

Anyway I was not disappointed :-) the Smallholders Show is much smaller than the South of England, and more manageable really, with lots of farm animals, poultry, and rabbits and guineas.  Poor Charles who has been desperately trying to dissuade me from buying a duckling was getting rather worried but I had purposely left the crate out of the boot of the car so I couldn't buy anything. There were really good bookshops and one place selling HomeFarmer mag back copies at £1 each - bargain.

Rose with some sheep

A veritable duckling-fest
I was in heaven

We enjoyed frozen yogurt in cones and then after a long discussion, we went back to the animal pens...poor Charles....

Meet John and Jean!!
They are 12 week old grey call ducks - how absolutely wonderfully adorable are they?? Of course, the duck people had boxes to put them in so they are now home in the run I finished earlier this morning so as to have as a spare one should anything need isolating. Hmm, oh well, anything ill will have to come indoors. John and Jean were my paternal grandparents and in the tradition of naming my poultry after my grannies and grandpas these two have got the last two names available! They are just lovely and very small and calm. They've got a seed tray to bathe in but I do have a tin bath I nicked borrowed off Laura, so how sweet will that look. I am a very happy bunny :-)

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