Sunday, 10 July 2011

Lazy Sunday

Today was another lovely lazy day. Well, lazy in that I didn't feel obliged to do anything, consequently I got quite a bit done. Charles came over and we went to lunch and I sat in the garden this afternoon reading my new course book...all about the Ice Age. Difficult to concentrate on isostatic rebound following the Last Glacial Maximum when it's glorious sunshine and sparrows are fighting on the bird feeders. I had a sparrowhawk fly into the garden and land on the bird feeder today; luckily it was minus a bird as they'd all disappeared sharpish into the hedge but I was a bit worried about my ducks as I reckon it would have a go - they catch pigeons don't they? Although they are only uncovered from above when they are in their bath tub so unless we get a passing osprey I'm thinking they'll be ok.

Maud meanwhile has decided it's easier to be a duck as there is 100% corn access and 0% Henry access:

She hopped in
I thought that putting her in with John and Jean might be the answer to the conundrum of keeping her away from Henry but without isolating her completely, but she then started pecking the ducks to get at the corn and snorkelling for it when I put some in their water bowl so hmm, back to the drawing board.

I also cut the Forsythia back to nothing as it grows like the clappers and despite its welcome yellow flowers in the winter it doesn't smell of anything and is quite a dull yellow. When we moved in to this house it was winter and the Forsythia was cut into a wedge shape so it looked like an enormous block of cheddar cheese. The dreary Escalonia hedge outside the backdoor also got a haircut:

Henry trips over an abandoned Tupperware
I also repainted the blackboard for the store...and also an old chopping board...and a few pallet bits to make notices: well, it's a big pot of paint. And I did my bees.

Anyway the children are back and seem to have had an ok weekend and I seemed to be able to have a reasonable conversation with their father :-)

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