Thursday, 7 July 2011

Best use of a bath tub

I'm writing this now as I have had a completely unproductive day and I presume it won't get any more productive :-) I spent this morning crocheting an apple cosy that looked like it would best hold a large and misshapen Bramley rather than the petite Royal Gala, and I was going to go to the bee farm as the FERA guy was there to check all the hives for Foul Brood (nasty bee larva disease) which would have been really interesting but I sort of ran out of energy. I then spent an hour or so breaking up another pallet but I know don't know what to make with it really as the duck house that was in my mind's eye seems to have disappeared. Anyway, I did enjoy my crochet even if I can't use it for its intended purpose and I watched Aubrey Manning's Earth Story as part of my next course so not all bad. I do love Earth Story...

A large part of the reason for lack of achievement is this:

Compulsive viewing and a bit of a dream come true for me to have real ducks in a bath tub so maybe it's not been a wasted day. I am amassing purple pea pods for wine and have done over half of my coathanger cover. Oh and I finished off my geology assignment this morning when I woke up at 5.30...hmm perhaps that's why I'm tired!

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