Thursday, 14 July 2011

Knitted chickens

Well after a very enjoyable meeting last night of the Country Craft Club (I can spell it but I can't say it) Nicky and I decided that as an inaugural project, we should complete the Buff-Orpington crocheted chicken family that Nicky had started. She has already done 2 of the chicks, one of which looked infinitely more fabulous sporting the jaunty green hat/egg cosy. It could have been made to measure!

Official CCC mascot. The chick, not me
So with that in mind, Nicky set me the task of creating Mr Buff-Orpington while she got on with the wife and 4 more chicks. I purchased some wool for my various projects this morning:

Fairisle-look wool on the right for Mr Buff-Orp
The elderly lady perusing knitting patterns in the shop looked at me rather strangely when Rose picked up a ball and I said "Hmm, no, it's not quite the right colour for a chicken..." The pink in the middle is for a sort of washcloth and the red I thought would be good for the cafetiere cosy. I have made a start with Mr Buff-Orp's body and had a minor panic as I was not sure what to stuff him with (don't say Paxo!) but managed to find some so I need to get on with his head this evening. It makes a change from wrestling with the stats for my project which is driving me crazy - I can do the maths but arghghghhgh the Excel spreadsheets and trying to make a bar graph might see me completely lose my mind.

Other than that, I did a Biology lesson with Tristan about joints and bones as he didn't realise he had a particular bone in his hand until Amber hit it with a stick; inspiration for home-ed comes from all quarters. I popped over to the bee farm for an hour or so and checked some hives, and then sat outside and made a chicken body whilst watching the ducks eat cleavers
Goosegrass is obviously not species-specific

The hens are working their way through next years' borage seeds
Waiting for this plant to flower as can't remember what it is
and it's huge and rather boring at the moment
I sold 2 boxes of eggs today which is good as there has been a bit of a glut recently - 4 eggs a day and there's only so many omlettes we can eat.

Anyway, back to the crochet whilst duckwatching with a podcast on about multi-tasking :-)

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