Friday, 15 July 2011

Strimming with rabbits

Now, one of my many bright ideas was to literally harness the grazing power of the bunnies in order to get into those awkward corners that their run doesn't fit in to, as currently there are lots of neat rectangles of cropped grass [admittedly with burrows and poo] but plenty of areas of long grass and dandelions around the vegetable patches etc. So, leads and harnesses were purchased and Amber has done a fantastic job of getting Willow up to scratch (again, literally - poor girl looks like she's been through razor wire) but Scarlet is very bouncy.

So, with a free morning today, we had a go:

First, persuade your strimmer to come out of the shed
Next, strim round the places where the mower cannot reach, like under a bike
Continue until, as with their mechanical counterparts... runs amok through the herb bed...
...and the other conks out completely
So after a relatively successful morning's strimming, the bunnies were put back into their run to carry on with the regular mowing.

T has gone to Joel's for a sleepover which means I don't have to think up 3 square meals for the next 24 hours as the girls don't seem to notice if it's wall to wall toast with the odd omlette thrown in for protein. I have been carrying on with my crocheted cockerel and filling in my field notebook for Summer School - any course where it is a requirement to purchase stationery gets off to a good start as far as I'm concerned. I've also been reading about the Great Ice Age and attempting to tidy the kitchen but I felt my allergy coming on again so gave up and picked some flowers instead.

All from my garden!

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