Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Charles had procured two tickets for Rusalka (I keep wanting to say Rula Lenska) at Glyndebourne and given I've never been there and also it was an afternoon out, I said 'Yes!' very enthusiastically. The building is amazing and the gardens lovely - I saw my first ever hummingbird hawkmoth on the lavender - but the opera was rather lost on me. All about a mermaid who forfeits her power of speech to be able to become human and woo her prince. We stuck Part I and Part II but by then it was raining and we hadn't bagged the all important seats for the long interval, and I had bought our picnic from the Esso garage so only had a M&S carrier bag not a nice hamper. Charles voted that we'd seen enough to get a flavour and hadn't the prince died anyway in that last scene? so we came back to my house and watched The Deathly Hallows Part 1 that we'd just got on DVD.

Harry Potter possibly more our level than Antonín Dvořák....

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