Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Yet more flowers

I am very pleased - I discovered that my terribly expensive Sarah Raven Salvia patens 'Oxford Blue' (that I had forgotten to label when I pricked it out so didn't know which pot it was in and therefore where I'd planted it) has flowered!

I have added some other crocheted flowers to my collection. I say 'collection'; my one hellebore:

...although I'm sure that captions are unnecessary as they are instantly recognisable. I asked Charles to choose a flower for me to crochet for him and he said ooh a Viola please, not noticing the subheading at the page top marked 'ADVANCED CROCHET' but hey, how hard can a crochet flower be?? Just to squeeze the very last ounce out of the words crochet and flower, I also made a vase holder to hang up at the window:

Vase = bottle
and here it is in situ:

Quite pretty although it does draw attention to how filthy my windows are.

Other than that, it's been a quiet day. I had a final check over my project and realised my Reference section was rather um, sparse let's say so I did some Google Scholaring and read a few papers on the subject and adjusted my Discussion accordingly. My course work is really interesting at the moment and it must be worth doing a degree to be able to write notes about bdelloid rotifers who ditched males of the species 100 million years ago and reproduce parthogenetically (that's cloning) and seem to be doing very well. I'm not going to make any analogous suggestions at all :-)

Oh I forgot to post a pic of the fantastic sunset last night so here it is. I realised my camera has a sunset function so it seemed a worthy subject on which to try it out:

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