Thursday, 28 July 2011

Faintly ridiculous

I had a blood test today at the doctor's - "oh yes, I'm fine with them" I said cheerily to the nurse. 5 seconds later "Ah, I'm feeling a bit woosy..." and I woke up with my head between my knees having had the strangest dream, and the nurse holding my hand and cooing reassuringly at me. I had Rosie in the waiting room and bless her heart, she coordinated the whole getting me home procedure with military precision as I couldn't drive. Or indeed lift my head up off the chair I was lying on outside the nurse's room. Many thanks to her, all at the surgery and my parents and former-mother-in-law for propping me up.

Anyway, the rest of the day has been spent rather quietly in bed with iPlayer and knitting or in the garden doing some gentle pottering. I still feel pretty ropey but hopefully I'll perk up tomorrow. I have finished my 2nd coat hanger cover and Charles came round with a magazine, my crochet flowers book he'd got me and a bar of chocolate so I think it's now time to rest weary head.

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  1. Oh poor you. Plenty of rest, together with chocolate, Guinness and spinach I think. Also, I hear that crochet and knitting are great anti-virals/anti-bacterials/anti-anaemics etc etc....! Shame the peapod isn't ready yet!