Saturday, 9 July 2011

Restful Day

I didn't have the children, dog, or anything to get up for so needless to say my 'lie-in' lasted until I woke up at about 6am and Started Thinking...nice thoughts admittedly but anyway I got up and did the animals.

This morning was spent with Charles, firstly mucking about with an app that makes your pictures into a comic-strip. Very silly but good fun!

Then we started sorting out seeds and deciding what we were going to plant, whilst watching the ducks in the tin bath. They go a bit cracker-duck and dive and splash around and frenetically preen so I take that to mean that they're having fun. After lunch we sat outside and actually did some planting:

We sowed loads of seeds and I planted out and potted on about 25 other plants.

I then had a visit from Kit who had taken a swarm of my bees for his hive (they'd absconded but luckily he didn't take it personally) who asked if I'd like to some and see where he keeps his bees - he and his wife own a 10 acre plot near the bridge down the road which they are using as a forest garden permaculture project. They've got nut and fruit trees and are coppicing the willow that's already there. Kit's built a spiral asparagus bed and I also saw his beehive...I really want one! It's a top bar hive and it has an observation window so you can see in the side! It was brilliant. I think instead of replacing or expanding my er, whatever the collective noun for hives is, I will get a top bar rather than more Nationals.

Anyway I came back, made some vegetable soup from my garden produce and shut the poultry in as I need a soak in the bath after all my traipsing around the garden with pots and compost!

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