Sunday, 24 July 2011

Another busy day

Having been so inspired by the hot garden at Sissinghurst yesterday, I was keen to try making a granny square blanket with the colours I'd seen. I looked up the pattern on Attic24's blog and had a go - it was very straightforward to do so I got cracking. I also had a look at Nicky's book of crocheted flowers and sat with my cup of early morning tea and got hooking. I got up to replenish tea and managed to catch my foot on the wool, pinging the crochet hook somewhere. Could I find it? Although trying to find an admittedly large needle-type thing in the metaphorical haystack of my living room was not easy and I felt a bit sad about having lost it, especially as I was halfway through constructing a hellebore.

Anyway I did find the hook and before tidying or hoovering so that was a good result.

It's a start...
I then remembered I had to make a new run for the ducks so I got going with that - I drew a plan and everything (but I didn't stick to it) and didn't really make that many mistakes. I think it's a bit more robust and easy to use, as well as foxproof:

There was lots of quacking but I'm not that up on my duck-speak yet so not sure - I hope they approve. Joss and Simon came over at lunchtime and brought my demi-johns so I can make some homebrew and bought me a bottle of their own elderflower fizz. It's very exciting:

I've got bloopy air lock thingies
for each of them too
We looked at the bees too as they are new beekeepers so that was fun. Simon is also a builder and architect and I was slightly concerned when he headed towards the duck run but luckily he said it looked pretty good - maybe he usually wears glasses or something.

So after they'd left, I sank into a much-needed hot bath as my fingers were in ribbons after all the unforgiving chicken wire and banging my thumb trying to get the bloomin' stuff stapled on, ouch.

I'm watching the program on the last Atlantis shuttle flight...amazing things us humans :-)

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  1. Wow, what a productive day! Well done on the granny squares (and finding your crochet hook). Ducks look happy too!!!!